21 August 2017

MTC Management and students of 99 IDF course present equipment and tools donated by SPMS. Photo: BPA Kiribati

Donation of tools and equipment to MTC

In July, a 20-ft container loaded with fire hoses, tool boxes, safety shoes and a many other items arrived at MTC. The German shipowners in Hamburg, represented by SPMS, sent equipment worth more than 15,000 AUD as a donation to the MTC.

One lot of the donated items is personal safety equipment like safety shoes, overalls, helmets or safety harnesses. In such a high-risk work environment like a cargo ship, personal safety is paramount. At MTC the students are trained from their first day to follow safe working procedures and to protect themselves from possible dangers.

The other lot are precision tools for metal fabrication like saws, taps, calipers or feeler gauges. As ships are made of steel, every seafarer is expected to have basic skills in metal fabrication to maintain and repair his ship.

Malte Pertiet, Captain Superintendent of MTC, expresses his gratitude: “This donation shows the long-standing commitment of the German shipowners to the MTC. For more than 40 years they have been supporting us through funding of positions, donations and transfer of knowledge. The MTC and the Ministry of Labour are very grateful for this private-public partnership and cooperation. In return, the MTC sends qualified seafarers to the cargo ships managed by SPMS partners.”

22 July 2017

MTC’s 50th Anniversary Ceremony. Photo: BPA Kiribati

50 years Marine Training Centre Tarawa

The last week saw the celebration of 50 successful years of training at MTC. Over the years, more than 5000 young men have found employment through their training at MTC. Delegations from New Zealand, Germany and Japan, diplomats, employers, former MTC staff and politicians were among the distinguished guests who gathered in Betio for this event.

Young I-Kiribati at MTC during the open day on Thursday. Photo: Gesa Saathoff

The festivities began with the Open Day on Thursday, 20 July 2017, that allowed all those who always wonder what goes on behind MTC’s gates to take a closer look at the facilities and see technical demonstrations, for example in the engine room and at the fire school.

Friday, 21 July, was dedicated to the future of MTC. Employers from the maritime industry and representatives of the Government of New Zealand exchanged expectations and experiences during round table meetings.  The day concluded with the signing of a Grant Funding Agreement between New Zealand and the Republic of Kiribati that provides MTC with financial and technical support over the next five years.

HE Te Beretitenti Taneti Maamau and MTC Captain Superintendent Malte Pertiet inspect the parade. Photo: BPA Kiribati

The official celebration of MTC’s 50th anniversary was on Saturday, 22 July. In presence of HE Te Beretitenti Taneti Maamau, the ceremony was opened by a parade of MTC students and staff and the Police Brass Band. The inauguration of the Fishing Platform, donated by the Government of New Zealand, and the reopening of MTC’s library by the German Ambassador to Kiribati were followed by the presentation of a special series of stamps in commemoration of this event. Practical demonstrations like fire-fighting training and engine room operations showed the guests MTC’s daily work. The evening banquet and cocktails, prepared by MTC’s catering department, dancing and singing will be a lasting memory for the well over 150 guests.

Cutting the Birthday Cakes: Shigeru Kinoshita (Japan Marine Services), Christoph Gessner (South Pacific Marine Services and Hamburg Süd), Tomoyuki Abe (Japan Tuna Fisheries Corporation) and Hon. Minister of Labour Iotebwa Redfern. Photo: BPA Kiribati

The Kiribati national newspaper Uekera reported in its issue 30/2017 from 27 July 2017 about the event.

16 May 2017

Bwakura Metutera Timeon (Secretary of Labour), Gerhard Thiedemann (German Ambassador to Kiribati) and Malte Pertiet (Captain Superintendent of MTC) sign the funding agreement. Photo: MTC

Signing of a funding agreement

Germany supports the upgrade of MTC’s library by funding the procurement of more than 140 books, worth 14,500 AUD. Gerhard Thiedemann, German ambassador to Kiribati, Bwakura Metutera Timeon, Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, and Malte Pertiet, Captain Superintendent of MTC, signed the funding agreement on behalf of their governments on 16 May 2017 at MTC.

Gerhard Thiedemann emphasized that this project reflects both the long-standing diplomatic relations between Germany and Kiribati and the long-standing employment of I-Kiribati on German merchant ships. Bwakura Metutera Timeon expressed her gratitude on behalf on the Government of Kiribati.

The Kiribati national newspaper Uekera reported in its issue 20/2017 from 18 May 2017 about the signing.

01 November 2016

MTC’s cargo simulator is operational again! Photo: MTC

Donation of wires to MTC

SPMS partner Hamburg Süd donated several coils of steel wire during a crew change off Tarawa. Malte Pertiet, MTC Captain Superintendent, expresses his great gratitude to the donators:

“Thanks to the generous donation of of steel wire, landed by Santa Vessels during their crew change, the MTC Tarawa could repair its derricks. Even though the derricks and a McGregor rope-pull operated hatch cover are regarded as old style, it stills gives students the opportunity to learn safe working procedures. Furthermore the students gain a better understanding of the effect of forces and levers, transmitted by wires.”

01 October 2016

Change of command

On 01 October 2016 Boro Lucic handed the command of MTC over to Malte Pertiet. Boro Lucic changed to an advisory role for both MTC and Marine Division.

Boro Lucic was employed by SPMS for more than 9 years as Captain Superintendent of the MTC. He constantly improved teaching and training skills of his employees by providing them with qualified in-service-training. At the same time he managed to convince important aid donors to invest considerable amounts of money into re-building and refurbishing MTC. MTC wishes him and his family all the best in the future!

The Kiribati national newspaper Uekera reported in its issue 39/2016 from 23 September 2016 about the change of command.